Ferrari Pontoon Testa Rossa Recreation

Ferrari Pontoon Testa Rossa Recreation

Ferrari Pontoon Testa Rossa Recreation built on an original RHD  UK  matching number Ferrari chassis  . This example was conceived  by a well known UK  Ferrari enthusiast and collector who wanted  a recreation of  Sergio Scagliettis finest design  and so commissioned the master craftsman from Cuneo south of Turin  Italy  Giovanni Giordanengo to construct a hand beaten alloy body .

He had the option of using a  250 GTE or a PF Coupe in poor bodily condition with the original Ferrari chassis, engine box and running gear to to mount the new all alloy body . However these models have cart springs to the rear , drum brakes and a 3 litre V12 with a  4 speed box  and when  a much lighter alloy  body is fitted  the cars tend to have a harsh ride with handling limitations and an engine that only comes on song at high revs which is fine if the car is only to be used for competition on the track.

His requirement was for a superfast car with matching handling, power and performance that could be used  regularly to drive on the road and for occasional track demonstration rather than competition

Therefore he chose a  later design introduced in 1967 being   the 365 GT Ferrari  with a 4.4 litre two cam engine , 5 speed  gearbox with torque tube transmission, all independent 4  coil spring rear and twin coil front suspension with all round discs  as the basis for  his dream car.

Whilst only built 4 years later than the last 250, the potential was obvious in that the engine with 320 BHP was 85 BHP more than a 250 GTE with a huge increase in torque .The  massive 5 speed gearbox box with the torque tube system  was the best Ferrari had built  and was a huge improvement on the old 4 speed with o/d . Plus the 4 coil spring independent rear and twin coil front suspension configuration with  all round discs  meant that the set up options once the new body was fitted were more of a science than the  more agricultural  limitations the earlier 250  chassis offered.

The car remained unused in his large collection until  2008,  since then it has been further developed and upgraded by some of the finest craftsmen and  workshops in the North of England.  Now completed , with  very high attention to detail  it is  in as new condition with minimal mileage.

The car is finished in Rosso Corsa with multiple coats of period cellulose paint, which give much greater depth than the modern 2 pack option. The interior is in Rosso leather piped Bianco  sourced from  Italy and has lap belts fitted with a full  harness option available . The cabin detail is quite exceptional with the correct wiring board and alloy trunking fitted throughout the car with replica Jaeger and Sacma Milano instruments fitted to the hand crafted alloy instrument binnacle. The hand crafted alloy windscreen base and Perspex custom made screen and headlamp nascelles were also bespoke . All the lights are correct with original  restored and re silvered( virtually impossible to source ) Marchal  Equillax headlamps  with Marchal 662 762 Spotlamps and Carrello rear lights. The correct steering wheel and all exterior badging were sourced from Italy . The bonnet is hinged with a stay as is the boot so they do not need to be removed from the car for engine checks and servicing. The bespoke engine  manifolds and  exhaust with 4 megaphones was custom built by the best competition exhaust builder  in the UK . The springs , dampers and vented brakes  have all been custom designed for the car  and the  suspension  has been set up on a Biessbarth ML 4000  alighnment jig.   The car engine and transmission has been set up, tuned and serviced by a well known Ferrari Specialist. The chassis has been bead blasted and  completely refurbished  as new with all new bushes and joints. The majority of parts used have been supplied by Maranello at Egham or GTO Engineering. The wheels are Torino with high speed road Blockley  tyres rated to 149 MPH  with Borrani spinners

The car is a revelation to drive weighing in at  1154 KG., with an engine that fires instantly and delivers the massive  power and torque aligned with superior handling that would leave any 3 litre car in its wake and completely out of sight on cornering.  Augmented by  the 5 speed box and silk smooth transmission with  responsive firm handling and  rattle and bump free suspension with  the vented disc brakes with bias control.

This  is without doubt the best performing and  driving Ferrari Pontoon Testa Rossa  Recreation / Evocation currently built and is as new and ready to use for superfast road or track demonstration. Currently UK road registered  and tax paid in the EU.

Please call direct for price and details.