Traditionally, a Japanese engagement feast day occurs by least one year before a wedding. It is an important feast day in which the soon-to-be husband asks the bride’s family members for authorization to marry. It involves a lot of stages.

First, the groom gives the vietnamese guy dating tips bride’s family something special. This can be a traditional Thai dress, this sort of being a red ao dai. It might also be an engagement ring. The bride wear another classic clothing for the ceremony.

Then, the groom’s family group will lead a procession to the bride’s family. The bride’s mother will take the new bride to the groom.

At this point, the groom’s family will show the star of the wedding with a reward. This could be a traditional Vietnamese outfit, a ring, or a arrangement. The groom’s family will offer a gift idea to the bride’s relatives. The items are usually in even numbers.

The bride’s family members will then beautify their house with an archway, signage, and joyful colors. They will also tidy their house and prepare a feast. This feast is comparable to a traditional Vietnamese wedding party.

Next, the bride and groom will make their approach to the ceremony for the Tea and Candle Ceremony. This ceremony requires prayers to honor friends and family and forefathers. The couple will likely then exchange rings. This is an extremely emotional part of a Vietnamese wedding.

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Then, the few will make their way to the altar for the second Tea and Candlestick Ceremony. Here is the most important part belonging to the Vietnamese marriage ceremony.